Apply for a Library Card

 Eligible to apply for a library card is:

   Lives, works, or goes to school in Hakusan City

   Lives in Kanazawa City, Komatsu-City, Nomi-City, Nonoichi-City and Kawakita-Town

 Present a completed application form at the counter, along with valid indentification showing your name and residential address.  Acceptable identification includes:

  Resident card (Foreign registration card)

  Student ID card

  Drivers license

  National health insurance card

People who work in Hakusan City are also required to show proof of current employment.


Borrowing Materials

  You can borrow up to 10 materials.  Types of materials and Maximum number is:

Types of Materials

  Maximum Number

Borrowing Period

Books/Magazines(back number)/Comics

10 total

2 weeks


2 total


Some materials are not available for borrowing, including the newest issues of magazines and certain reference books.


Returning Materials

  Please return materials to the library counters ( not need a library card).

  You can return the materials to any of the Hakusan City Libraries.

  When the library is closed, please return to the Book-Post, located near each entrance.

  Note that following items cannot be returned into the Book-Post because of potential damages.

  AV materials ( DVDs/ CDs)

  Large-Size Books

  Books includes AV materials ( CDs/DVDs/CD-ROMs)

  They must be returned directly to the counter of the library during opening hours.

Use of library

Use of library

For information on how to use the library.
Library Service Guide

Library Service Guide

Copy service and use of reference service audio-visual materials and the Internet.


For address and map of Hakusan City Library.